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The Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Pulaski is one of 27 applied technology colleges across the state serving the citizens of Tennessee.  This system of schools was made possible by legislation enacted by the 1963 General Assembly of Tennessee, Chapter 229 of House Bill 633.

Chapter 181, Senate Bill 746-House Bill 697, of the Public Act of 1983 transferred the governance of the state technical institutes and area vocational-technical schools from the State Board of Education to the Tennessee Board of Regents.  The transfer became effective on July 1, 1983, and includes 46 institutions, being the sixth largest system of higher education in the nation.  By action of the Tennessee Legislature, the school name changed in 1994 from Pulaski State Area Vocational Technical School to Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski.

In 2013, the Legislature unanimously approved changing the name of the state’s technology centers to the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. 

The Tennessee Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees of the University of Tennessee System are coordinated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC).  THEC was created by the General Assembly in 1967 in order to achieve better coordination and unity in the programs of public higher education in Tennessee.