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UPDATE: 3/26/20

Dear Students, Staff & Faculty:

I hope that you and your families are continuing to do well.  At Governor Bill Lee’s request, all TBR institutions, including TCAT-Pulaski, have been asked to go to a completely online format (no students allowed on campus) from March 25 through April 3.  For this reason, our campus will be closed to the public effective March 25 since most staff and faculty members will be working from home.  We apologize for this inconvenience but hope this action will help stop the spread of this virus and we can return to normal operations as soon as possible.  During this campus closure, it is our goal to still serve you and your needs.  Our staff and faculty will be checking email and voice mail frequently.  If you have needs, please contact any of the staff members listed below or reach out to your instructor for assistance.  Please keep in mind that these are our plans as of today and with the evolving situation plans may have to be changed. 

President Mike Whitehead

Admissions Tabitha Barnett 931-424-2428 tabitha.barnett@tcatpulaski.edu
Financial Aid Mattie Bledsoe/Carrie Gilbert 934-424-2404/931-424-2406



General Info   931-424-4014 info@tcatpulaski.edu
Student Services Mattie Bledsoe 931-424-2404 mattie.bledsoe@tcatpulaski.edui
Veterans Carrie Gilbert 931-424-2406 carrie.gilbert@tcatpulaski.edu


Main Campus:  We will be delivering instruction through online content ONLY from March 23 through April 3.  No students will report to campus for instruction or labs.  We hope to transition to limited face-to-face instruction on April 6.

Loretto RWP & Welding programs, Lawrence County RWP program, Spring Hill CNC program: Please contact your instructors for your schedules.

Dual Enrollment Students:  Dual enrollment students that were coming to the main campus will return to campus when high schools resume classes.  Dual enrollment students will have the option to participate in online learning also.

Internet Access:  Wifi hot spots are set up in our rear parking lot for students to access the internet.  If you have internet access trouble on campus, call 931-424-2420.

Emails:  Another form of communication we are using is email to your S# email addresses.  Please check them often.

Make-up Days:  TBR and federal policy requires all TCATs to make up missed instruction days.  30 hours of instruction were missed due to the extended spring break.  Realizing that many students and staff and faculty may have plans for the last week of April, we have chosen to make up our missed days by extending the school day by 1 hour from March 23-April 24.  Classes will start 30 minutes earlier and end 30 minutes later each day.  We realize that some students will have conflicts with the extended day.  Your instructors will work with you.  Extending the instruction day will only make up 24 hours.  Therefore, the Good Friday holiday scheduled for April 10 will become an instruction day also.


HISET testing has been suspended until May 28.
Adult Education classes have been suspended until May.
The PRACTICAL NURSING information session scheduled for April 9 has been rescheduled to April 23.
HESI testing scheduled for March 30 and April 6 is canceled.  Additional testing sessions will be available April 13 & April 20.

Information Updates:  We will send out these information updates each Thursday.  If the situation warrants, updates will be sent out more often.  Please check our Facebook page or website (www.tcatpulaski.edu) daily.  Click on COVID-19 Status Updates at the top of the page. 

The Tennessee Board of Regents has provided a link to a student resource guide they have developed at the System Office that may be helpful to students: http://bit.ly/TBR_COVID-19.