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UPDATE: 5/21/2020

Dear Students, Staff & Faculty:

I hope that you and your families are continuing to do well during the pandemic.  Thank you for your patience and perseverance as we navigate this uncertain time.  I hope you and your families are looking forward to our upcoming 4-day Memorial Day weekend!

I want to provide you with an update to our campus status:

 Programs on Hybrid Schedules:

- All currently enrolled students in the following programs (AME, CNC, COSNT, EPCT,      HVAC/R, IE, IMT, Welding) will continue to come to campus on staggered schedules in groups of 9 or less. These “lab” days are required and absences/tardies will be logged if students are absent.  Instructors will communicate schedules to students.
- When students are not on campus, they are responsible for online learning requirements.

Programs Returning to Campus the Week of June 1:

-AOT, Patient Care Tech/Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Tech, Practical Nursing
-Please contact your instructors for schedules if you have not heard from them.

DENTAL ASSISTING students will remain online until further direction is provided.

Loretto RWP & Welding programs, Lawrence County RWP program: These programs will continue their current instruction plans.  Please see instructors for schedules.

Staff & Faculty

-Staff and Faculty are working on campus now.

Please keep in mind that these are our plans as of today and with the evolving situation plans may have to be changed. 

President Mike Whitehead


Internet Access:  Wifi hot spots are set up in our rear parking lot for students to access the internet.  If you have internet access trouble on campus, call 931-424-2420.

Emails:  Another form of communication we are using is email to your S# email addresses.  Please check them often.