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December 30, 2020

Dear TCAT-Pulaski New and Returning Students,

Based on Governor Lee’s latest executive order in effect through midnight January 19, TCAT-Pulaski is making the following modifications to our operation plans for students, faculty and staff:

While the executive order is set to expire midnight January 19, based on the current number of active Covid cases and the expected surge in cases from the Christmas holiday, these modifications will be in effect at TCAT-Pulaski January 4th through January 29th.


  • Masks MUST be worn when in the presence of others.
  • Screening surveys must be completed each day by everyone on campus.
  • Social distance of 6 feet must be maintained where possible.
  • All Dual Enrollment students will report to the TCAT campus EVERY day as scheduled.
  • All Allied Health classes will report to clinical assignments, as scheduled, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Programs with 10 or less students (CNC, BCT-Summertown, RWP-Loretto, Welding-Loretto, PCT/MA & Dental Assisting) enrolled WILL meet EVERY DAY unless communicated otherwise.

January 4 through January 8:

  • ONLY NEW students and Dual Enrollment students will report to campus.
  • Returning students will do online work.  Returning students may visit campus to pick up textbooks, other materials or check out a laptop.  If a returning student needs to make a purchase from the bookstore, please call 424-4014 to make an appointment.
  • January 7:  Evening classes—HVAC & IMT will start in-person instruction on campus.  Only Group A students will report to campus on Jan. 7.  Instructors will notify students if they are in Group A or Group B.  Welding Evening students will start in-person instruction on campus January 11.
  • All faculty and staff will report to campus.

January 11 through January 29:

  • All faculty and staff will report to campus.
  • ALL students will report to campus for in-person instruction on staggered schedules.
  • Adult students will be divided into two groups (Group A, Group B).  Instructors will notify students which group they are in and communicate the schedule.
  • When students are not on campus for in-person instruction, students are expected to complete work online.
  • January 18 is a holiday.  NO students, staff or faculty will report to campus.

Please note that these plans are subject to change based on changing conditions or guidance from TBR or Governor Lee.

Thank you,

Mike Whitehead